Happy Holidays!

There is no better place to spend quality Father/Son time than on a fishing trip with us to Rivers Inlet.
Come & create your own memories that will last a lifetime!

It isn’t really until the first snowflake flies in my face that I completely let go of summer & officially start to embrace the fall/winter season. With Halloween & Canadian Thanksgiving now behind us, & American Thanksgiving on the horizon, “Holiday Season” is officially upon us. Now is the time to reflect on the year that has passed. Did you work too much? Spend enough time with friends & family? Have any fun at all? What do we have to be grateful for? For most of us it is our health & happiness. The other really important commodity it seems is TIME, arguably our most precious commodity. If you really do want to spend more time having fun, less time working, more time with family & friends enjoying the things that you love & creating new memories then NOW is the time to plan & make it happen. Even though the New Year is not yet upon us, many people are finding their schedules already filling up. So if you REALLY want to plan a fishing adventure with us for summer 2019 then do it today! Use some time over the holidays to contact your fishing partners, chose a date to fish with us & just book it! There is no time like today!

A Little Fish Story

My wife Patricia gave me the biggest surprise this last year when she announced to me in January that we should take a fishing trip up to Rivers Inlet. I had taken two sons there in 2001 & returned with my brother in 2002 & 2003. I would tell Pat about the great time & beautiful scenery I had enjoyed those years & also the fishing. Yes, the fishing. It was the greatest fishing of my life. I had hooked many nice fish & landed a hundred pound halibut. However I had lost a nice King/Chinook salmon on each trip so I wanted to have another chance. The surprise with my wife’s invitation was great since she loves fishing but big water had always made her ill. Westport, Washington; Mazatlan, Mexico; Galveston, Texas; & Ninilchik, Alaska; all had ended with her green & declaring she would never try ocean fishing again. The pressure was on to have her enjoy this piece of heaven without turning green. From the plane ride to the great welcome at the lodge things were going well. We boated & fished the first night & she was doing alright. The seas were calm & the shore never out of sight. Our first full day we booked a guide so I could re-learn. Our guide Brent was great.  He soldiered through the fog to Cranston Point where we discovered “the tree” & we started fishing. A full day saw us boat a few salmon & we tried halibut but nothing was had. The next morning we returned on our own to “the tree” & used what Guide Brent had taught us. A green dodger/flasher with a capped herring & we were fishing. Pat started to really like driving the boat & I set the poles. A few minutes into the morning’s fishing we had a massive strike & the fish started diving & running. I grabbed the pole & started playing the big fish. It ran for at least 75 yards staying in a dive & running hard. Pat calmly stopped the motor & retrieved the other pole & the downriggers. I kept playing the big fish through another four or five runs & turning & reeling as fast as possible when the big fish was coming to the boat. I saw the tail breach the water & screamed. What a huge fish, the tail looked ten inches across. Pat, now with the net in hand & remembering what Brent had taught her, awaited the fish. She also told me to calm down, quit yelling & being so excited. I pleaded that this was a big deal 19 years in the making.  She was just embarrassed. She netted the fish like she had no worries & then tried to lift it. She struggled, told me I needed to lift it & our 35 lb. Tyee was in the boat & I was making a fool of myself.  Not hard for me to do.

We fished all morning in front of the tree. Every turn we had another strike.  We landed a silver/coho salmon & a couple of lingcod. Then when we were ready to head back for lunch we had one last strike. It dove & ran & we knew it was another chinook. I gave the pole to Pat who played it well but then handed it back to me so I wouldn’t screw up the netting job. We boated a 21 pounder & happily went back to the lodge. Upon arrival Dock-Hand Declan met us & tied up the boat. I asked him if he was serious the night before about there being an 18 inch minimum for keeping a salmon & he said.  “Man, don’t tell me you kept another small one.” I opened the fish well & he smiled & said: “That is really great guys”! We weighed in & hammed it up for some photos. A whopper & a great memory with my amazing wife. Looking forward to our return.  

Thanks to Simon, Stephanie & all the great staff!
Sincerely, Dave D. UT USA

Simon's Smoked Salmon Crackers

By now, many of you who sent all or part of your fish to St Jean’s cannery from the Lodge for processing are receiving your shipment of smoked salmon. We definitely promote you sending some of the 8 salmon you are likely to catch while you stay with us to St. Jean's Cannery for processing into cans, hot smoked, lox or Indian candy. Even if you are the type that BBQs through the winter months, chances are you are going to catch so many fish during your stay with us that if you don't do anything other than fillet & freeze your catch you are going to end up with a bunch of salmon left in your freezer beyond the 6 months when it’s at maximum freshness. As many of our guests know, I do a demonstration during your stay at the Lodge on the finer points of serving salmon on a cracker. It would seem so simple but really there is a fundamental flaw in the concept of putting all the “loose” things on the top where they are destined to just fall off as you approach your mouth. The onions & the capers need to be anchored in the cream cheese … OK so the secret is OUT! When I serve these yummy cold canopies I get lots of feedback that it is often the best salmon that people have ever tasted. It is a simple, classic & timeless presentation ...

· Salmon/smoked canned salmon/hot smoked/lox/indian candy/left over BBQ'd (pretty much any salmon)
· Cream Cheese
· 1 box of crackers (sturdy enough to support the application of the cream cheese & salmon & the moisture of the squeeze of lemon)
· Capers
· Green/Purple/Walla Walla Sweet Onions, any onion (finely chopped)
· Lemon (cut in wedges)
· Fresh pepper (to taste)

· Smear cream cheese on a platter of crackers (let's say a dozen)
· Press desired amount of capers & onion into the cream cheese so that they don't fall off the cracker
· Add a teaspoon of salmon
· Squeeze of lemon (to taste)
· Grind of pepper (to taste)
· Repeat, Enjoy

Rivers Inlet Sportsmans Club