Guest Reviews

“Our Summer 2016 fishing trip was five years in the making. Work & my kids made it a little challenging to carve out the time. But finally, my dad & I were able to make it work. Celebrating his 65th. birthday on the water, doing what he loves to do was the perfect way to celebrate. He never treats himself so this was extra special. What made it even better is that all of our expectations were exceeded! We got so lucky with the most beautiful weather. I booked a guide for our first afternoon to get us off on the right foot. Navigating the Inlet made us a little anxious but our guide showed us all the pointers needed so that we were able to be successful on our own the remaining days. I can't begin to describe all the things we loved about this trip. From the perfect location to the accommodations, food, amazing staff, great boats & gear, the beauty of the area & yes, all the fish we brought home were beyond anything we could have imagined. My most favorite part of it all is that I got to experience it with my dad, my best friend. We have memories that will last a lifetime. I love hearing him tell all his buddies how great it was. He won't go again without me so his buddies are hoping I'll make all their travel plans & make a trip happen for them, too!!Thank you, Simon, Stephanie & Crew, from the bottom of my heart for the unbelievable trip with my daddy. His little girl is beyond grateful!!”
Kristy W - OR


"We had boasted for 12 years about how terrific the fishing has been at Sportsman's Club , so our 4 friends who have fished the Alaskan coastlines came with us.  At the end of the trip, they said they had never caught as many salmon, halibut & other species!   I've said it once & I'll say it again ... when I die, I want to go to Fisherman's heaven ... which apparently is located at River's Inlet at Sportsman's Club!"
Van P - TX


  “I had the good fortune in the past to be able to take both of my children up on individual fishing trips up to Sportsman’s Club in beautiful Rivers Inlet B.C. My stepdaughter Sam loves to fish with her dad but has never had the opportunity to fish the tidal waters of British Columbia. What a perfect gift to acknowledge all her hard work & dedication these past 4 years after graduating from University with her nursing degree, a salmon fishing trip to one of my favorite spots in the whole world ... Rivers Inlet BC!

From the moment we boarded the Turbo Prop Floatplane at Seair Seaplanes in Vancouver, Sam had her phone out taking pictures from the air of the rugged beauty of the B.C. Coast. As we made our final decent I pointed out the lodge tucked into the sheltered bay that would be our destination, she turned to me with the biggest smile on her face & proceeded to trash talk me on how she was going to catch more & bigger fish … Game on! As we pulled up to the dock in the plane & unloaded the staff were all there to greet us. After a light meal we were assigned our rooms, given a quick but informative fishing tutorial on the different fishing techniques we would be utilizing over our stay & a thorough personalized hands on presentation on the fishing techniques & the safe operation of our water craft. As the boats scattered out of the bay, I set our course for "Open Bight " for some halibut fishing. Within a half hour after mistakenly thinking that we were snagged on the bottom, we had our first hali on the boat, a nice 30lbs. What a start! Upon our return to the dock several hours later the dock staff again greeted us. They looked after our catch & we were off to get ready for dinner. Before dinner the guests gathered on the dock near the lounge, we admired each other's catch as the guides prepared to clean the fish all the while sharing our favorite beverages & stories of the ones that got away. This scenario played itself out every day. The meals were prepared to perfection. Hearty breakfasts to fuel you for the morning catch, lunches for those that choose to come back to the lodge, packaged lunches for those that choose to stay out on the water. Dinners that rival the meals at 5-star restaurants. All this in a postcard setting, meeting guests from around the world that share your passion for salmon fishing & the attention to detail that the staff provides ... warm cookies before turning in for the night & hot water bottles placed in your comfy bed to name a few!
The fishing is a bonus ... there is nothing to compare to mooching off " The Wall " during slack tide. Having a King salmon strip off 50-70 meters of line like a torpedo is something every fisherman should experience once in a lifetime. On top of that "The Wall " is a mere 10 minute boat ride from the lodge. Trolling with downriggers parallel to Calvert Island is pretty much a guarantee to land several 10-15lbs. coho & halibut fishing while much slower but with the possible pay out of a 50lbs. plus fish (several were caught by various guests during our stay).
To sum it all up, it was a trip both of us will remember for a lifetime. Sam still talks about the abundance of wild life. Eagles scooping fish off the water top, whales breaching less than 100 meters from our boat & in one instance a pod of 5 Orcas in the distance.
There is a lot to be said also for having a captive audience on a boat. Although Sam has been in my life for over 10 years, we got to know each other so much better in those 5 days. For that this trip will always hold a special place in my heart.
I would recommend Sportsman's Club fishing lodge to anyone who has someone special in their life that they would want to share a memorable trip of a lifetime with.”
Steve H - AB